Stark Ferry Pine

Stumptown Woods Stark Ferry Pine

Stark Ferry Pine

Before the arrival of the Morrison Bridge in Portland, the Stark Ferry transported goods back and forth on the Willamette, one of the stops was right between Pine and Oak street. The ferry was made from wooden platforms over canoes.

The skillful artisans who hand-make each plank enhance and preserve the heart pine’s inherent character: nail holes and checks are expertly filled, and bolt holes and larger defects are repaired with natural heart pine wood plugs and patches. Each plank is hand textured and the bevels of every board are hand chiseled. All staining is done by hand to ensure that the wood will exhibit a lustre that only traditional methods can achieve.

Product Specifications:

  • Stumptown Woods Stark Ferry Pine
  • Species – Reclaimed Heart Pine from North America.
  • Dimensions – ¾” thickness x 8-1/2” width x 2-10’ random lengths
  • Construction – T & G Profile.
  • Finish – Hand applied air-dried MATTE Polyurethane