Lan Su Bamboo

Stumptown Wood's Lan Su Bamboo

Lan Su Bamboo

Stumptown Wood’s Bamboo product was named after the elegant Portland Chinese Garden. Denoting the parallel’s between where the beautiful wood was collected and the Portland’s historic form of Chinese and natural architecture seemed as graceful as the product itself.

The Portland Chinese garden’s name represents this relationship: sounds from both Portland and Suzhou are combined to form Lan Su. “Lan” (蘭) is also the Chinese word for “Orchid” and “Su” (蘇) is the word for “Arise” or “Awaken,” so the garden’s name can also be interpreted poetically as “Garden of Awakening Orchids.” (蘭蘇園)


Product Specifications:

  • Stumptown Wood’s Lan Su Bamboo
  • Species – Strand Woven Bamboo (Bambuseae)
  • Dimensions – 1/2″ thick x 5-⅗” wide x 72-1/2″ fixed length.
  • Finish – 8 Layer UV Cured Polyurethane (white, black stain, grey stain)
  • Millwork – Handscraped or Smooth