Burnside Cedar

Stumptown Woods Burnside Cedar

Burnside Cedar

Named after the most heavily traversed street in Portland, Burnside Cedar is a replacement for reclaimed wood material. Cedar is one of the best exterior woods and when installed properly, has been proven time and time over to last 50+ years as siding on buildings. Barns with inferior woods like pine or fir have lasted nearly 100 years. It is our belief that a long-lasting and reliable wood is just as sustainable as a reclaimed wood that cannot uphold for a long period of time. In addition to this, their are other benefits:

  • Free of hazards such as lead (paint) and arsenic
  • Free of debris such as dirt and hidden nails
  • Purchasable in standard dimensions to minimize waste and cost
  • Consistent in color, even in large quantities, still with intentional handcrafted variations.
  • Low waste factor
  • Custom orders available for any profiles or colors
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Naturally non-toxic mold and mildew resistance.

Product Specifications:

  • Stumptown Wood’s Burnside Cedar
  • Species – Thuja Plicata
  • Dimensions –13/16″ thick x 5-1/2″ width x 8 –  16 foot lengths. Custom sizes available.
  • Construction – Solid. T&G -or- Ship-lap with or without reveal.
  • Finish – Multiple finishes available.