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decades of experience in specialty wood products




Wood Flooring & Paneling Products
Providing wood elements for architectural design
Based in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown Woods took its name from the city’s nickname that was given in 1847. During a period of phenomenal growth for Portland, the locals had to make new roads by clearing heavily forested areas of trees and did not have the resources to remove the stumps, so they left them in place. The stumps eventually became a solution instead of a nuisance, when locals realized they could whitewash the stumps and use them as convenient stepping “stones” (woods) to avoid mud and other unhip things.

We acknowledge that people spend 90% of their time indoors and Stumptown Woods was created through recognizing the rapid growth and importance of the built environment. We wanted to be the solution for problems that architects and designers face. In doing so, we help them create the buildings that are distinctive, hip, convenient and innovative, and of course void of any mud and with plenty of wood.

Stumptown Woods founders believe in 3 key elements that are required to be an influential and positive wood materials vendor:

  1. Transparency – all woods have advantages and DISADVANTAGEs in certain applications, where and when could you encounter them? We will have the answer.
  2. Sustainability – Architects and Designers are not just professionals who create buildings, they are also people who have become increasingly engaged in finding materials that impact human health and environment in a positive way. We feel obligated to help with that due to our experience in the industry sources and standards.
  3. Design – This is the element that we consider to be the most fun at Stumptown Woods. Whether it is supplying end-grain material that is unmatched in grain patterns as well as sourced from a historic American company, or a reclaimed heart pine from Canada that has won the heart of thousands of Designers, we have woods that will elevate a professional’s work to a new level..

decades of experience in specialty wood products

The Stumptown Woods Leadership Team

Stumptown Woods CEO Tom Michaud

Tom Michaud

Founder and CEO
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Quote: What we do here echoes in eternity

Achievement most proud of: Building a close network of friends, family and business associates.

Spirit Animal: Bear, To you, the best thing in the world is your husband or wife. To everyone else, they love you for your mercy and forgiveness, because your offer both easily. However, when someone makes you angry enough where it’s hard to forgive them, just remember that they are human.

Song in the Shower: The Black Eyed Peas – Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night

One word Description: Peaceful

Superpower: Ability to fly so I could soar above the mountains and beaches and see all of the beauty in the world from above.

Stumptown Woods Marketing and Sales Manager Misty Haqq

Misty Haqq

Marketing & Sales Development Manager
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Quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
Ferris Bueller

Achievement most proud of: Bringing my four amazing children into this world and managing to keep them safe and happy. That, or my amazing tuna casserole. That’s a tough one!

Spirit Animal: Tiger. I can be slightly impulsive but still stay true to proven methods and schedules. I have always been drawn to large cats and cannot imagine my home without a feline. We have two at home. Sometimes, when I get to see large cats in sanctuaries or at the zoo, I get a different vibe from them compared to other animals. They have such a raw and emotional intensity but always tend to stick to their instinct to meet their basic needs and protect their young. Just phenomenal creatures.

Song in the Shower: The Star Spangled Banner

One word Description: Loyal

Superpower: The ability to manipulate time. I could make special moments last longer and stop tragedy from taking place as much as possible.